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"I do not wish women to have power over men; but over themselves."
-Mary Woolstonecraft
  • Wondering why you KEEP DATING THE SAME GUY with a different name?
  • Do you long to begin dating again since ending a long term relationship, but wondering IF YOU'LL EVER REALLY GET OVER HIM
  • Have you tried navigating the modern world of dating only to discover that ONLINE OR OFF-LINE IT'S ALL PRETTY FRUSTRATING
  • Or maybe you’ve read dating books, joined book clubs, and women’s groups, and even considered hiring a life coach, a dating coach, or a match maker to meet men, and YOU ARE STILL NOT GETTING OUT THERE in a confident way? 
  • Do you have children and wonder how, when, or even if they fit into the equation; WONDERING IF YOU SHOULD BE DATING AT ALL AS A SINGLE-MOM
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